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Denver bicycle lawyers Brian Weiss and Jason Crawford became friends through bicycle riding.


Combined, we have represented more than sixty (60) injured bicycle riders. We have something to say about what happens to our fellow bike riders when they get hurt due to the carelessness of another.


We have over $5.5 million dollars combined verdicts and settlements in just the last three (3) years.


Please call or email us for a free legal consultation. If we take your case, we work for you on a "contingency fee," basis - this means that you do not have to pay for the lawyer's fee until and unless you receive a settlement or judgment. The lawyer's fee is set as a percentage of that settlement or judgment. Our "Client Focused" fee agreement is unique and it can save you thousands of dollars.


Protect Yourself While Riding Your Bike With Underinsured Motorist Insurance Coverage

Underinsured motorist insurance coverage protects you on a bike when you get hurt by a driver with minimum liability coverage as my client did in this Boulder, Colorado accident.


Many people do not think to purchase enough insurance limits until the day comes that they really need it, and at that point it may be too late. By way of example, consider Gary Lunsky's case when he was seriously injured in April of 2013. Gary was on a casual bicycle ride with his daughter in Boulder, Colorado when he was injured by a careless driver who only paid for the minimum auto liability limits of $25,000. Fortunately for Gary, he had to foresight to purchase a very good insurance policy with substantial underinsured motorist liability limits and medical payment limits for him and his family. Gary had never made a serious injury claim before, but he and I (as his attorney) were glad that he had underinsured motorist coverage when he needed it. In addition, through some legal maneuvering, Crawford Weiss, LLC was able to recover money for Gary and his daughter against two different car liability policies as well as Gary's own auto policy.


We are very proud of the results we have won for our satisfied bicycle accident clients.


Some of Brian's Bicycle Accident Cases


• My client, a 33 year old bicycle rider from Aurora, Colorado, was given a ticket by the police and found guilty at traffic court for pulling his bicycle in front of a car before he hired me as his attorney. In addition, the car driver's insurance demanded my client pay them back the $3000 that they paid to repair the damage to the car. I worked closely with the client and his medical providers and my client ended up with a $130,000 settlement from the same insurance company that wanted my client to pay them. This was quite a reversal from what the insurer wanted.


• My client, a 50 year old bicycle rider from Evergreen, Colorado was hit while riding his bicycle by a pickup truck that failed to stopped at a stop sign in Idaho Springs. We obtained the insurance policy limits of $50,000 from the pickup truck's insurance and then filed for arbitration against my client's underinsured motorist coverage. Shortly before the case went to arbitration, the underinsured motorist offered us a fair amount to resolve our claims.


• My client, a 35 year old competitive bike racer from Denver, hurt his knee and got some road rash when a car pulled out in front of him while riding down a hill in Golden, Colorado. We successfully obtained the car's liability limits of $100,000, and also made a claim for underinsured motorist benefits and received another $25,000.



Some of Jason's Bicycle Accident Cases

• Boulder county - vehicle turned in front of my client $50,000.00 settlement


• Durango - represented semi-pro cyclist injured when car hit him from behind in excess of $20,000


• Durango - represented cyclist injured when car swerved into him and knocked him down in excess of $30,000


Bike Road Rules


We live in a Country with a lot of rules. There are different rules for where you are or what you are doing like walking or riding a bicycle.


The purpose of this website is to explain the local rules for bikes in Denver and other places along the Front Range where folks ride bicycles.


Some of the rules for bicycles are the same as cars, but some are different. So this site may be of some help. However, the rules and who is at fault gets complicated in many situations, and you should consult with a lawyer who handles these types of cases. We hope this site is also helpful to point out the rules if you or someone you care about was given a ticket by the police, or to make you a safer bike rider.


IN THE MEDIA 8/23/2013

Uninsured Motorist Coverage May Protect You in a Hit and Run Bicycle Accident


Bicycle accident attorney Brian Weiss has handled numerous bicycle accident cases, always on the side of the injured cyclists. He has heard all sorts of explanations from drivers. “The most common are ‘I didn’t see him, the sun was in my eyes, or another car cut me off and forced me to go there (into the path of a cyclist). None are effective defenses.” Weiss’ goal in court is to prove the driver’s negligence. That is, that “the driver was just not paying as much attention as he should,” says Weiss.


Colorado state law says that drivers must allow three feet of space when passing cyclists. – 42-4-1002, CRS


Weiss suggests a few ways to protect yourself. “Look at your auto insurance policy. Frequently the medical portion covers bicycling as well. There are also non-owner  auto policies if you want insurance but don’t own a car.” Just as with auto accidents, having underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage attached to your auto policy may protect you if you are the victim of a hit and run accident on your bicycle – such as Norris was.


We hope you find this information useful.

USA Bicycle Lawyers


If you want information about bicycle road rules that apply in Colorado, or other States, please check out Brian is on there for Colorado bicycle accident law and along with our bicycle attorney friends, like Mike Colbach Portland bicycle accident attorney in Oregon and the other guys have good bicycle law information about their States. We want bicycle riders everywhere to get the best legal representation possible.



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